ICT Centre


Itibo High School ICT Centre was started in April 2009, when the school conduted her Grand PTA Fundraising on 13th. The Old Boys and major stakeholhers decided willingly and knowinglly to help the school acquire Computers and build a computer centre for the same facility. This became a reality at the end of2009 the school managed to acquire twenty computers which influenced the start of teaching the computer studies lesson from form one. The Teachers Service Commission through The Mininstry of Education creaated a chance that employed a technocrat teacher in this discipline. It is now a reality that the whole Itibolese are enjoying this facility. Through the Department the adoption of Lesson Management system has been incorporated which assist both the learners and teachers to understand their subjects better. We look forward now to see major changes in our styles of teaching and handling lessons in class by use of projectors. Echo to the Alumini Boys who are always read to assist in collaboration with the current administration. We will keep pace with the current information and communication technologies to improve the standards of the school.


  PRINCIPAL AND STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES IN COMPUTER LABORATORYWelcome to Itibo Boys High school website.We the Itibolese are privileged to …

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Mathematics scores

The Mathematics scores indicate the overall performance per class above top ten. The top ten students per class are therefore identified to …

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